Personal Coaching 

Telephone coaching (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) via a free O8OO telephone number. A personal coach is always immediately available and a coaching session can take place while you are in an environment where you feel comfortable.

Face-to-face coaching available at 50 coaching locations in the Netherlands. We discuss your question with you during an extensive telephone intake. After the intake, the coaching programme begins at the location of the face-to-face coach closest to you.

Online coaching via our secure e-lounge portal. You can follow an online coaching programme via the portal, and make use of various preventive tools and online self-tests.

Career Programme

The objective of the programme is to give direction to a next career step, within or outside of the organisation.

The Career Programme follows a structured step-by-step plan and is based on 3 pillars: Who am I? What do I want? What am I capable of? Each conversation will focus on one of these pillars. The process consists of 10 conversations in total, both face-to-face and by telephone. The process will be completed with a personal action plan drawn up by yourself.
The Career Programme is separate from our subscriptions and can be purchased separately by both organisations and private individuals. Look into the flyer (in Dutch).

Do you want to make use of the Career Programma or do you want to refer an employee? Contact us here.

Practical advice

For practical issues, you can use first-line advice free of charge. This service is provided by expercienced lawyers, financical planners, health care and nutrition consultants. You can also use budget coaching and nutrition coaching. Budget coaching is provided via a separate network of specialist budget coaches. For nutrition coaching you can register at our e-lounge where you will keep a food diary that will serve as input for the dietary advice from the nutrition coach.