Our personal approach


We help you to do it yourself

How it works

The coaching can consists of a single talk as soon as you phone. However, a series of talks may also be necessary. After your phone call or after your registration has been processed via our online registerform, a telephone intake interview takes place. During the intake, we make an inventory of your situation and your wishes regarding coaching. We discuss your question with you, as well as the goal you want to achieve. Based on this, we start a coaching programme. You choose the coaching format you prefer: by telephone, face-to-face or online.

Focusing on positive goals

Your qualities are the starting point for the series of talks: your ‘personal wisdom’ and your own responsibility. Together we work towards a positive and constructive goal you have set yourself, and examine how to achieve it. We do not solve your issue or problem for you, but rather coach you in solving it yourself or learning to cope with it. This will enable you to tackle future problems on your own and so to become and stay more resilient.

Quick and sustainable results

The Resilians approach is brief and solution-focused. A programme consists of a maximum of five talks in addition to the intake interview. Many of our clients are impressed by the ideas they get and the insights and results they achieve in a short space of time – sometimes after just one talk. Our solution-focused approach helps you concentrate on the present and the future. And you are in control: you determine the content of the talks and the direction they take.

Personal coaching is not psychosocial therapy nor a replacement for it. If, during the intake or follow-up talks, it becomes apparent that there is mental problem, we will provide you with a referral to an external specialist.