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What is coaching and what can it do for me?

Coaching consists of talks with a coach aimed at achieving a preset goal. Coaching sessions can revolve around either your work or your private life. By discussing things with a professional you give yourself a chance to further your personal development.

What is a coaching programme like?

You can phone us literally at any time for a one-time coaching session. Our coaches are always ready to help. It is also possible to begin a programme that consists of a maximum of 5 sessions. In that case, after your phone call or after receiving your digital application, we schedule a telephone intake talk. During this talk, you and your coach together set the goal of the coaching programme and decide if you want the sessions to be conducted over the phone, face to face or online. Relationship coaching is always conducted face to face. There is an individual intake talk with each partner followed by a maximum of 7 joint sessions. E-coaching, the online version, takes place (in as far as possible) over 5 consecutive working days. During this time you can send your coach an unlimited number of messages within a secure web environment. Your coach will reply once or twice a day.

We are convinced of the effectiveness of our programmes and therefore they are all brief and based on a solution-focused approach. You can rely on a committed, experienced and professional coach.

What background do the coaches have?

All our coaches have followed a people-centred programme at university or in higher professional education. Moreover, they are qualified and trained in specific coaching techniques. They keep their knowledge up to date and all coaches participate in peer review sessions.

Can I talk to a coach straight away?

Yes, you can. Phone our 0800 number and press “1” to be put through to a coach straight away.

Is every issue suitable for a coaching programme?

When you phone us, we decide together if Resilians can offer you what you need.

Do you inform my employer/insurer that I have applied for coaching?

No, Resilians is independent and observes strict confidentiality. Everything you say stays between you and Resilians. We do not tell your employer or insurer that you have been in touch with us. We only provide anonymised statistical information on the use of our Personal Coaching Service.

How and when can I reach you?

You can contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on our toll-free O8OO number. To schedule an appointment you can call us on working days from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. You can find our telephone numbers here.

Can I also contact you anonymously?

Yes, you can phone us without giving your name. We will only ask you who your employer/insurer is to verify that you are entitled to use our services.

Can my partner and children also use your services?

Depending on your employer/insurer’s subscription, your partner and children living at home can also use our services. You can always phone us to check this, we’ll be happy to help.

Does telephone coaching work just as well as face-to-face coaching?

The choice of telephone coaching or face-to-face coaching depends mainly on your personal preference. One method is not by definition any more or less effective than the other.

Why does e-coaching take 5 days?

Research and experience have shown that the intensity of this type of e-coaching works well. By engaging in the coaching intensively for five consecutive days, you almost literally wake up with it in the morning and go to bed with it at night. This is of benefit to achieving your goal.

How secure is the e-lounge?

Just like online banking websites, for example, the e-lounge is a secure website. We have obtained a security certificate to this end. The security of the site is indicated by the security badge in the form of a padlock in your browser and “HTTPS” (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) preceding the site name. HTTPS encrypts data so that it is impossible for an outsider to see the information that is being sent.

Where are all the coaches based – is there a coach somewhere near me?

We have coaches working across the Netherlands, so there will always be a coach near you.

Why did you choose 5-session programmes?

Experience has shown that brief programmes using a solution-focused approach work well. We set an achievable coaching goal together and at any given moment it is clear how much time we have left to achieve that goal. This optimises the chance of actually ending up where you want to be. Everyone has inner strength and a problem-solving capacity and we regard it as our job to bring you into contact with these aspects of yourself again.

In practice, how often does it happen that five sessions are enough?

In virtually every instance, five sessions (after the intake talk) are sufficient. The sessions are scheduled in mutual consultation, often every two or three weeks, leaving plenty of time to work on and towards your coaching goal. And experience shows that people are able to move on without assistance afterwards.

Why can’t I pay for more sessions with my coach?

We have consciously chosen a brief approach because we believe that it works, and our experience has proved us right. Our working method is based on this approach and we are specialised in it. If you want a programme with a longer duration, we are happy to refer you to other companies that provide such services.

How often can I use coaching?

The agreement we generally have with organisations is that each employee/insured can participate in one coaching programme a year. In addition, you can call us literally at any time for an immediate coaching talk.