Corona & face-to-face coaching


In these times of corona Resilians will coach remotely as much as possible. When this is not an option face-to-face coaching is possible in some cases.

When coaching face-to-face, the following rules will be obeyed:

  • Prior to meeting, both the coach and the coachee will check whether the meeting can take place without danger to themselves or to others;
  • Both the coach and the coachee will cancel the face-to-face meeting, or change it to a meeting by phone, if they have cold or flu symptoms as listed by the RIVM;
  • During the coaching session, the coach and the coachee will remain no less than 1.5 meters apart, which applies to arrival and departure as well;
  • Both the coach and the coachee will disinfect their hands before the meeting starts. The coach will see to it that disinfecting woelettes and hand sanitizer gel are available at the meeting location;
  • The coachee will use the toilet at the meeting location only in case of emergency;
  • To assure sufficient ventilation windows may be left open during the face-to-face coaching session. Coachees are advised to wear warm clothing.

In these times of corona Resilians stimulates telephone based coaching as an alternative for face-to-face coaching. Coaching while walking is also an option in many cases.

Resilians boasts over 20 years’ experience with coaching by phone. Scientific research (2019) into the effect of our coaching shows that our telephone based coaching is as effective as our face-to-face coaching.

For more information about the coronavirus, please consult the RIVM website .