Who we are


Decisiveness increases productivity. Resilians is an autonomous, independent personal-coaching expert, specialised in programmes that increase the vitality and resilience of employees. We offer a variety of services to help people get the best out of themselves and have more enjoyment at work and at home.

The name “Resilians” is derived from the word “resilience”. For us, a ‘resilian’ is a committed and resilient person. The more resilient and committed people there are in an organisation, the more productive and decisive the organisation will be as a whole. Our Personal Coaching Service strengthens your organisation and makes it sustainably healthy.

Working on resilience together

In addition to our office in Bunnik, we have over 50 locations in the Netherlands – national coverage – through which we provide coaching services. Our organisation is characterised by a relaxed atmosphere and short communication lines. Our key features are authenticity, professionalism and engagement. Just like in our services, the focus within our organisation is on work enjoyment, thinking in terms of solutions and open communication. And we always bear professional and personal development in mind.

All of this is reflected in our programmes and approach: we see employees as the company’s capital. The well-being of employees is always top priority. And we have a clear vision: we support our clients in their quest for solutions. No matter how much stress and how many problems employees have, they know best what it is they need to become and remain resilient.