Our Personal Coaching Service

 Accessible at any time

If your company subscribes to our Personal Coaching Service, all of your employees (and their families) have access to our confidential, personal coaching free of charge. We offer coaching in both Dutch and English. Employees can choose from the following services:

Telephone coaching

Employees can use our telephone coaching service via our freephone 0800 number inside and outside office hours, as well as in the evening, at night and on the weekend. A coach is always available directly for a phone conversation or an appointment can be made for an intake interview, followed by a telephone coaching programme.

Face-to-face coaching

Employees can also talk to a Resilians coach face-to-face at one of our 50 locations in the Netherlands (national coverage). The face-to-face programme begins as soon as possible after the phone intake interview.

Online personal coaching

A coaching programme can also be started via our secure eLounge portal. Employees can use a personal account to pose their question to an experienced coach. They can also use online tools to increase their effectiveness and resilience.

Legal and financial advice

Employees can pose their legal and financial questions to a specialised adviser, quickly and directly (budget coaching is part of the advice provided).